Trip To Montreal, Canada! (Thoughts On Life/Grad School)

First off, I want to thank my new subscribers! Thanks for joining my ‘online world’ and I hope my posts will serve you well. It has been about a week or so since I posted anything, but I am back. Back in Texas too, actually. I was in Canada and then Pennsylvania.

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All went well, and I am loving my new school WILKES, and my cohort. I met a lot of people who share the same passion as me and it was a great feeling. I still can’t believe that I decided to go to grad school right away. Lol. It has not hit me yet I guess, but I am happy about my decision.

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Honestly, I still remember when I thought I could not take any more of school, but God gave me the strength. Don’t let people discourage you and tell you that you cannot do certain things. If you want to do something, go after it. They do not know your heart and the desires of your heart; therefore, you should not let people talk you into what you do not want. I was hesitant about continuing school, but then I decided that I had nothing to lose. Of course, some people thought I was crazy, telling me that I should stop school as if they are walking in my shoes. Saying things such as, “Didn’t you get enough of it already? Live a little.”

I mean, there is nothing wrong with living a little, but I had a different goal.  So, be goal-oriented and determined no matter what and you will go far in life.

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Make sure God is always on your side with whatever decision you take. Have peace about it—if you don’t, then maybe it is not the right decision. Don’t lie to yourself. I mean, no one is perfect, but you know what is good or bad for you. Make the right decisions at the right time and be real with yourself. You know what you can and cannot handle. Be smart and DO NOT live your life for other people! The book of Luke says,

“If you walk around with your nose in the air, you’re going to end up flat on your face, but if you’re content to be simply yourself, you will become more than yourself.”

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Just a word of advice…people will always discourage or disappoint but let that motivate you. One important lesson I learned this summer is to guard your heart. I have always been a fan of that verse, but I really understood it this summer.

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“ABOVE ALL ELSE, guard your heart for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23.

Don’t allow that door to open if it is not meant to be. Don’t awaken what should not be awakened. Don’t stir up fire and you will get burned. Don’t mess with what isn’t yours. Guard your heart. Don’t let anyone close to it who is only there to shatter it into pieces.