Why Do You Write?

The thing with writing is that you must find your voice and reveal who you are.

Who are you and why are you writing?
What are you trying to tell the world?
Why should we read anything you write?
What is your purpose?
Are you writing to entertain, inspire, or simply to inform?
Are you holding back?
Don’t just write. Write with a purpose.
We want to get to know you, the real writer hiding deep within. Real writing includes one leaving his or her soul on paper. Real writers expose their real thoughts and imagination. They are not afraid. A lot of writers are afraid to reveal who they really are. They don’t want people to discover their real thoughts and imagination. They are somewhat shy and protective about it all. But that comes with writing–exposing yourself. Your thoughts become naked.
When you made the decision to become a writer, you decided to expose your imagination.
Write like you. The real you. Stop holding yourself back, and let us discover the true writer within you!