Are you being abused spiritually?

I’m reading a book called Twisted Scriptures and I now have a better understanding of how easy it can be to become manipulated by a spiritual leader who is manipulative and controlling.

The easiest targets are those who are at a point in life where they are vulnerable and confused about their own beliefs.

Then, we have the Baby Christians. Baby Christians are those who have not yet matured in the things of God. Because they do not know the word of God, they are easily manipulated and controlled because they believe that their spiritual leader knows what’s best for them. They don’t communicate to God as much because they believe that their leader hears from God for them.

Easy targets are also those who know who they are in Christ, and daily strive to get closer to God. Because of it, they’ll try to get as close to their spiritual leader as they can, and will do anything he/she says, even if it has nothing to do with their spiritual life or Christian walk.

These three types of people will do everything that their leader says to do, if not, then they are rebuked in public and are labeled things such as not broken enough, rebellious, living in sin, prideful, not dead to self or flesh, etc…

Many people are scared to leave even if they feel that something in their church isn’t right. They are told that if they leave, God’s covering will leave them too and that their life will be cursed for leaving the man God placed in their life as their leader. Such myth stops people from leaving even if they want to—it’s absolutely a mind-control game. Those leaders expect you to tell them everything, even if it isn’t spiritual. They make all the decisions for you and make you believe that they know what God’s will is for you when really, they just want to control you. They tell you where to work, where to go to school and even who to marry. If you dare to object, you will be rebuked in front of the congregation.

There is a difference between telling someone what to do so that you can continue to control them, and advising someone what you think is best.

An advice can be turned down. But a demand usually means you MUST do it. Those kind of leaders usually say, “I don’t have peace about it.” or “It isn’t God’s will for your life!” Please, RUN!!! They will never have peace about anything they don’t want you to do! Even if it is God’s will. They will do whatever they can to keep you in their church, under their control. They want you to believe that God speaks to them more than He speaks to you about every area of your life. These leaders want you to feel like they know what’s best
for you and love you so much that they don’t want you to mess up, which is why they give you advice (more like a hidden agenda). They want you to depend on their advice (more like DEMANDS).

Unfortunately, many people do not leave. Many people do not think their leader is abusing them spiritually. They just think that he knows what’s best for them, as if God can only speaks to him!

As if God doesn’t speak to us personally!

Yes, I know, every now and then God will speak to a man of God about something in one’s life, but not for EVERY AREA OF ONE’S LIFE. Not on a daily basis. Not every second of the day! It comes to a point when it is just CONTROLLING.

Some of these leaders mean no harm and believe that their way is the right way, so…..pray for them. They don’t realize that their doctrine could be wrong.  Sad to say that many people live under their authority and don’t believe that anything is wrong.

All right, I’m stopping here for today! More to come…

Have you come across those spiritual abusive leaders?