Some writers do not realize the importance of a writing space, but I am here to tell you that it is very important!

I’m finally spending more time in my “WRITING SPACE.”



I remember when I was younger. All I wanted was a writing space/reading room/office/ writer’s space (however you want to call it). So when The Hubz and I bought our house, it was a must have on my list. People ask me where did I get ideas, as far as decorating and etc. I mostly got my ideas from Pinterest.  There is always room to get more creative, and I might change it around more in the future.wpid-2015-01-27-10.33.28-1.jpg.jpegI was having a hard time readjusting to writing, reading, and blogging after I had my baby. I love spending time in my office/writing space, and I missed it so much. I realized that the only way that I’ll use it again anytime soon when The Hubz comes home from work or if I just bring baby KLM with me.
So, I did. He seemed to enjoy his corner of the room.

Anyway, we’re spending lots of time in here now that I’m back at work, and am also working on my second novel.  I’m less on social media. I started writing a novel, but for some reason I keep getting stuck over and over again. There is a story pulling my leg, but I’ve been afraid to write about it. I dream about it almost everyday, and I know what my heart is telling me. I need to write about it.  On days where I get stuck, I read all the inspirational quotes that are on my wall, and it really does inspire me even more. I believe that having my own space contributes a lot to the success of my writing progress at times.

Some writers do not realize the importance of a writing space, but I am here to tell you that it is very important! Yours does not have to be fancy or grand, it could be your bed. But find a place that you go to every single day, and write–even if just a word.




What do you think?

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