It’s Okay to Change Your Mind. Do What Makes You Happy!

I went through this a while ago, but I now found myself facing the same problem again. It is obviously a bigger deal than what I originally thought. As writers, it is so easy to fall in and out of love with writing. For me, it’s been a long time coming and I no longer enjoy writing fiction. I get excited about a new story-line, and start writing it with enthusiasm, but eventually the enthusiasm fades away, and then I no longer want to continue writing. This has been happening with the past four novels I have started writing. First, I thought that the story-line was not right, but I am now starting to realize that it’s not the story-line. I know the problem: ME.

I am the problem.

This is my “I don’t want to write fiction anymore” face.

Writing fiction feels like something I have to do and not something I want to do. I’m happiest when I’m simply expressing myself through my thoughts on my blog and my journal.


When I start writing fiction, I have to  plan, create, and plot. It feels like homework, so then I get easily frustrated.

It is not writer’s block. It is simply me falling out of love with something I always thought I loved.

Is it okay to say, “I don’t want to write fiction anymore?”

Is that giving up?

I personally do not see it as giving up. As we get older, our dreams change and our hobbies change as well. Fiction writing does not bring me joy like it once did. Instead, it makes me roll my eyes at the mere thought of creating new characters.

I went through this a few months ago, but then people started to encourage me to keep writing. But the more I kept writing the more miserable I became. The problem is that when people know you in a certain way or by a certain skill, it can be difficult to change and adapt to a new lifestyle. For a while now, people have known me as “the writer.” My book is yet to be published, but people know me as a fiction writer.

I don’t want to be known as “the fiction writer” anymore.wpid-img_20150102_235616.jpg

I’m here to tell you that it is completely okay to change your mind. Do what makes you happy. Life is too short to do what people want or expect you to be doing. You are building your future by the choices you are making today, so stop wasting your time doing what you could care less about.

Find that thing which you love and thrive at IT!

What do you think?

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