Our Trip to Seattle!

Okay, this post is about two weeks overdue. The Hubz and I have always wanted to visit Seattle, WA. As you all know Seattle is home to Boeing, Amazon, Microsoft and many other big companies.



We were always fascinated with the idea of possibly living there at some point. Before I go on, let me say that it did not RAIN once for the four days that I was in Seattle. Some may call it luck, but anyway…The first thing I noticed and liked right off the bat about Seattle was how nice people were and the culture diversity I saw in downtown! From the moment we arrived, every person was extremely nice to us everywhere.  I have a nice example from the picture below. We were at a French Cafe called Le Panier.



We were eating our food, minding our own business when I noticed a lady who kept glancing over at us, smiling.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but you are such a beautiful family. May I take a picture of you for you, please?” She asked, almost begging.

Mind me, we were not taking any pictures. In the past I’ve had nice people ask to take our picture when we’d be struggling to take the perfect selfie or taking turns taking pictures of each other, but this was not the case. First, we found it a bit odd, but agreed awkwardly anyway!

wpid-2015-02-14-02.22.43-1.jpg.jpegMy husband kept joking that she was going to steal my phone! Anyway, I don’t know what it is but people in Seattle were amazed by our little family. Everywhere we went, people played with our gorgeous son or complimented on our family.  Le Panier was pretty good. We both had the jambon/frommage sandwich with chocolate and almond croissants.


I also had one of the best café latte ever as you can see.



This was on Valentine’s day, so it was quite a busy day!

Anyway, this French restaurant is located at “Pike Place” , which is a designated tourist area with lots of attractions (in downtown).






What we did not like about Seattle was that the hours of operation of restaurants is quit weird compared to Phoenix. Most restaurants in the downtown area close between lunch and dinner .This was very confusing for us. Also, some restaurants near Pike Place run out of food after a certain time. We went back to this area a few days later at around 5pm, and were disappointed that we spent $25 for parking, because it turned out that three restaurants that we tried to dine in “ran out of food.”

How do you run out of food? I still can’t wrap my head around that. We were so pissed. We ended up eating at good ol’ Red Lobster close to our hotel.

I did get a chance to see the First Starbucks, but the line was always way too long. I guess I was not that determined to get coffee at the World’s First Starbucks like everyone else in line.

wpid-2015-02-16-06.07.00-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-02-16-06.07.09-1.jpg.jpegWe then checked out Kerry Park. There, one can see Downtown Seattle from the top of the park, and it is quite a spectacular view.





The cool thing that happened there was that someone proposed to his girlfriend from the Space Needle, but the sign that read” Will You Marry Me” was at Kerry Park. Somehow from the top of the space needle, she was able to look down at Kerry Park and see this:

wpid-2015-02-14-03.54.32-2.jpg.jpeg wpid-2015-02-14-03.58.42-1.jpg.jpegAnyway, that evening we ended with a nice romantic dinner.


…And came to the conclusion that although Seattle is a nice city, it is not for us. We don’t see ourselves living there, but it was definitely nice to visit! The weather was too depressing. Although, it did not rain, it was just too grey and cold.  The main reason why we wouldn’t live there is simply because we were just not impressed and it was not what we imagined.