Our December Trip to San Francisco

So, this post is extremely overdue! Better late than never, right?

I’m writing about our trip to SF (San Francisco) in December. It was quite interesting. Definitely not as we planned or imagined it would be. I would not suggest visiting SF in December if you have kids with you or if you’re pregnant. Quite windy and rainy. And oh…the never ending hills.

We stayed in a nice hotel in the neighborhood called “Nob Hill”. It was in walking distance to China Town and a lot of other places. We did not rent a car because we wanted to have the San Francisco tourist experience. Next time, we will definitely rent a car though.

Many people rave about the food in SF. About how this wonderful city has the best food ever. So… we had HIGH eexpectations. Unfortunately, we were highly disappointed. San Diego is much better when it comes to food.

And yes, we tried different types of restaurants–but they were all disappointing. Either I was disappointed or my husband was. I did have a good Cafe Mocha once, but that was about it. We were really sad about the food because we actually had a lot of money to spend on food, so we looked forward to it with me being the “foodie” that I am.

Also, it rained for 3 days out of the 6 days that we were there. I know that no one can possibly control the weather but it ahh, what can I say?  We ended up stuck in the hotel for two days in a row because our son was getting sick. 


Best part about the trip was seeing the Painted Ladies.


IMG_20151219_153350-1024x1024Other than that, it is a beautiful city to visit.

Would I visit again? Ummm maybe. but it is not a “MUST VISIT AGAIN KINDA TRIP”. At least in my opinion.