When Social  Media Becomes Suffocating, Addicting, and Obsessive.

Yes, we all know. Social media is the best thing that was ever created, especially for this millennial  generation. But what happens when too much of social media becomes a bit…



suffocating ?

Instagram is a BIG DEAL for bloggers. I am a blogger, so it is a BIG DEAL for me. It is the place where we brand ourselves as bloggers and grow readership. It is a one stop place where we can be inspired, motivated, and connected. I  have made many “online” friends who I will probably never meet in person, who are bloggers, writers, home decor lovers, coffee enthusiasts, photographers, moms, and teachers etc. It is a great community. Even with the popular Snapchat app (more on Snapchat later), Instagram still remains my all time favorite  social media network. And as much as I love it, it can also be a place where one becomes  obsessed,  depressed, addicted, and too distracted.

Most feeds I follow have beautiful pictures, inspiring captions, and almost perfect lives. I’m sure it is not the intent, but that is how it comes across to many people.

The thing with IG is that:

1. It displays  snippets or brief moments of your life that may portray/translate as your entire life to followers. For example, I love sharing snippets of our home, as a home décor lover. It is pretty much what I blog about. Home, family, lifestyle….  But more than once, I have received comments such as, “You’re so lucky” and “Your kitchen is always clean.”

Lies.Yes, on pictures my kitchen is always clean. In real life,  it is clean 90% of the time as well because I simply love a clean kitchen, but it doesn’t mean thats it’s  ALWAYS clean. It doesn’t  mean that it’s  NEVER dirty.

I don’t  think I’m lucky. We bought our dream home and I’m in love with it but it wasn’t  luck that got us here. It is hard work.

2. This leads me to my next point. Comparison.  I know more than once I’ve  seen something in someone’s  house or outfit  and thought “I want it too. So nice…” I’m not a fashion blogger, so I don’t  go as far as buying the same thing but I know many people who get depressed and start comparing their closet, body, home, to the people they follow on Instagram.  Don’t  let it get to you.  No one has the perfect  life. Many of those photos are staged.

3. For bloggers, we constantly obssess over numbers: Numbers of likes, followers and comments. Oh, and of course, the best filter.  I know someone who told me that he deletes his pictures if he doesn’t get enough likes within an hour. Lol. I know we all may have been guilty of being sad that a certain picture did not perform as well as another. And the constant follow/unfollow shenanigans is  annoying.  If you don’t  know what I’m  talking about,  some people follow other people and wait until they follow back, and once they do, they unfollow them. I know. So petty. But that’s Instagram  for you.

Sometimes I take over a dozen of pictures before choosing the one to post. Sometimes  I change my mind and don’t  post because they’re not “Instagram Worthy” afterall. I know I’m not the only  blogger who does this.


4. We forget to live in the moment because we are so distracted. I know I do. Baby just smiled. Take a picture. Toddler is playing basketball with hubby. Take a picture. First day at the beach. Take a picture. We are so invested in snapping the best shot that we are not truly there.  I’m  working on being present more and less on my phone, especially with my kids and hubby. At times I could be reading but instead I’m  scrolling through my feed. I love taking photos, and I normally don’t  post all the pictures I take, but it’s  still important to draw the line.

5. Yes, it can be depressing. For me, IG does not affect me much in that sense, but I know others may feel that way when viewing others  having fun. Maybe not IG, but Snapchat.

I had snapchat but have recently  deleted my account. I understand why people say Snapchat is more fun because it was fun. Snapping every moment of your day but it is also annoying. Some people only snap when they have something  fun going on. Others snap while driving, watching tv, you name it. I got really annoyed with watching  people’s  lives and with myself. Enough is enough already. Instagram is enough for me, so Snapchat  became suffocating.  It had to go.

Notice I haven’t  discussed Facebook? Well, for me personally, I don’t  use FB much unless I have an inspiring status or blog post to share. I went three years without FB and recently came back, so I don’t  spend much time there.

It  is important to not let social media dictate our lives.

Currently, my IG is deactivated. But I’m  such a lover of IG that I think I’ll  be back before I know it. It’s been a loooonng week without IG. But I have been living in the moment more, and a break is always refreshing–even for a few days.  I’ve been enjoying my quiet moments. Playing with the kids. Giving hubby my full attention.   Spending time on my patio. Drinking coffee. Reading books. Praying. Reading my Bible. Meditating. All without the need to document it…except for my blog, of course. Ha.

So the next time you pull out your phone to check  one of your social  media accounts for the hundredth time, think about something more productive you could be doing instead.