Happiest At Home

Sometimes I overhear conversations of other parents with well planned out trips and activities and busy weekends planned out for the rest of the year filled with fun and I can’t help but feel as if our lives must not be that exciting.
I was just telling the hubz that I think we are totally becoming homebodies.
But… I was not always one. Before  motherhood, I was always adventurous and spontaneous, so staying home most of the time is not something  I always loved or imagined I’d be doing someday. I always wanted to be on the go and discover what’s “out there.”


According to Urban Dictionary, the term “Homebody” is: (Noun), a person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home. 

​Sunday vibes: football. energized toddler. sleeping baby. books. coffee. home.

My husband is mostly a homebody so when we got married we had to compromise: we’d alternate between staying home and going out on weekends.
Fast forward almost four years and two kids later, we are totally homebodies. Lately, we seem to spend more weekends at home with the family. Maybe it’s temporary because we still have small kids and are still getting settled into our new home. We’ll eventually go out more and explore different activities, right?

Well, for now, we’re totally homebodies, so I’m learning to enjoy the season.  Before we know it, the kids will get older and they’ll be  demanding we do activities  every weekend and we’ll  be wishing we could stay home more.

My point is,

Learn to enjoy every season.

My home is my comfort zone. I’m happiest  at home. If your home does not give you that  feeling, perhaps invest in making your home feel more like home.