Our Trip To Los Angeles and the Real Daytime

It was a spur of the moment decision. I won tickets to a live taping of my favorite talk-show, The Real Daytime and my hubby saw how excited I was so he said he’ll make it happen for me.

I’m a sucka fo TV. Especially dramas and comedy TV shows. In my other life, I would be a tv writer somewhere…lol.  So the opportunity to visit Warner Bros was exciting.


May I add that this was our first trip without the kiddos! Their wonderful grandmother was able to stay with them.

Once we arrived in LA, the first area we were in was North Hollywood, and we were not impressed.  This is Hollywood? Let’s just say it’s strictly businesses and then some not so pretty sight seeing in these streets…we only had one hour before we had to be at Warner Bros, so we looked for the closest spots for lunch. I love French food and patisserie, so we found  a cute French café called Lou- The French on the Block and decided to give it try.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset
Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Upon entering, we were a bit skeptical and almost went somewhere else until the owners greeted us and realized they were  French !

We started speaking French and talking about our backgrounds  etc. As they say, it is a small world because one of the owners turned out to be from the same city I grew in: Sarcelles !

They were really friendly and we talked with the pastry chef for a good 15 minutes about the cultural differences in LA and Europe. Intriguing conversation.

May I add that the croissants were to die for.



We proceeded to Warner Bros  for the taping of The Real. What we didn’t know was that we would be waiting outside for almost two hours before actually getting into the studio. We took pictures with a banner of The  Real, stood in line for security check-in and we signed waivers.

After a long walk through Warner Bros ‘lot, we finally entered the studio through a back door (backstage).

The set was already in place and their staff took us to our seats. Music blasting. Happy people. Smiling fans.  There was a woman named Bridget  who was some sort of hype-man for the audience to keep us in good spirits.  She encouraged people to dance and show off their moves to receive  prizes such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and etc. Some people took it a bit too far with their dancing-almost embarrassing. But it was entertaining.

Anyway,  finally the stage manager explained to us when to stand up and cheer + clap.  The show was about to start.

Fast forward,  it was interesting to see how everything takes place…live. Sometimes the hosts  messed up and we had to start over. Overall,  it was funny and a great experience. One thing I noticed is how the hosts, Adrienne Houghton,  Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, and Jeannie Mai all seemed genuine , real , and honest. You can sense that they are really friends.  Jeanie’s husband, Freddie was part of one segment . They also all seem smaller than they appear on TV.

Oh and at one point,  Israel Houghton showed up out of nowhere and he was just standing on the side, with security and other members of the production crew. It was kind of cool seeing him in person!

Once the taping was over, we headed to downtown for dinner at a place called Brick. It is mixture of African, Spanish, and American food. The food was great!

The next day, morning arises and here we are at Blue Jam Café in West  Hollywood. Very good breakfast!

My cappuccino was bold, strong, and very good but way too much whip for my  liking.

As we were leaving the cafe, I saw a French Patisserie right across the street (Melrose) called La Choquette, and of course, I had to check it out! They were also French from France, and the croissants-to die for.

With a full stomach, we proceeded to Hollywood Walk of Fame….


And then off to Hollywood Hills . There are lots of confusing addresses to get there but the best one we found was by typing the address of Hollywood Dog Park off Canyon Lake.


Then we absolutely had to drive through Beverly Hills.  Fancy cars and fancy people everywhere.

We finished our afternoon by driving all the way to Malibu. We passed through Santa Monica but did not stop there. Not enough time. I wish we knew how bad the traffic would be but we did not realize what we’d gotten ourselves into. Getting to Malibu was a headache and getting out of Malibu back towards LA to get out of LA was even worse. It took us about four (4) hours instead of 45 minutes. I will never complain about Phoenix traffic ever again after this.Processed with VSCO with a8 preset


I guess it was all worth it because I captured some lovely photographs of Malibu beach  during sunset.  Mind you, while we were in the car–stuck in traffic!

Halfway though,  we stopped in downtown. I needed some coffee. Lol. I searched for the nearest coffee shop  (not Starbucks) I mean REAL AUTHENTIC Coffee shop and there was one less than a mile away. It turned out to be one of the best ones in LA. They roast their coffee right in front of you an all. Really cool.  See for yourself . It is called Stumptown Coffee.

To wrap it up, LA was fun to experience.

We didn’t visit everything because it was a short trip mostly for the Live taping but I’m glad we got to see Hollywood  and etc.  I definitely want to visit again. As much as I would love a dream job as a TV writer, LA is fun to visit, but not to live in.

I’ll keep my writing instructor  job for now. Hehe!