Tips on Traveling with Small Children

It feels so great to blog again! I took a long break but I am back.

This summer (last week), I traveled ALONE one way internationally with my 3 kiddos who are all under the age of 5. I had one lap infant and the two toddlers had their owns seats. My hubby joined us midway through the trip, so going back home was better.

I will share a few tips on what/how I did it.

1. Ziploc bags are everything! It helps you stay organized.

I had one Ziploc bag for all the chargers (phones, tablets, kindle, booklight, fitbit) !

I had another one for the day of travel and in flight snacks.

And I had one more for all the liquids: soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, and vaseline.

2. I made sure we traveled on an overnight flight. From Phoenix there are no direct flights to Montreal unfortunately, so I made sure to choose one that made more sense since I would be on my own. So our first flight was about 4 hours and all kids slept right through it. I made sure I changed their diapers right before the flight!


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My 4-year- old is potty trained but best believe he wore a pull up for the flights! I am so glad someone gave me that tip right before.

3. Baby girl had a bottle as soon as we got on the plane so that she would easily fall asleep.

4. By the way, if you travel with kids you automatically qualify for pre-boarding! All this travel I’ve done in the past, and I just realized that this time around. Ha!

5. As far as the quantity of luggage. I had two checked suitcases and 3 carseats. As carry-ons, the boys had their backpacks with change clothes, snacks, underwear or pullups, and their pillows inside.

In my backpack, I had my own stuff and baby’s clothes, diapers, and wipes. I also had my laptop case and pushed a double stroller.

6. This brings me to my next point, a stroller or baby carrier is a must! My 4-year-old mostly walked but at one point he was sleepy so I put him in the stroller with my 2-year old and baby girl in the carrier/sling. That didn’t last long though. Lol.

Traveling with three, it was easier for my oldest to walk and have the two little ones in the double stroller. Everyone is different. Just my preference.

One thing I wouldn’t do next time is bring our carseats. We rented a car so we could’ve just rented one with carseats!

When we arrived to Canada, I had an employee help me carry them to the other side.

7. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I was grateful that someone offerred to help me fold the stroller before we got on the plane because I was struggling.

8. Don’t trust strangers alone with your kids. If you gotta go to the bathroom before the flight, take all kids with you! And in the flight, ask a flight attendant for help.

Overall flying into Canada was really not bad because they slept the whole time. Coming back, even though hubby was there to help, was more stressful. I think because it was in the afternoon and the kids were awake, cranky, hungry blah blah blah!

Anyway, thanks for reading. Next, I will share details of our trip to Montreal!