I Was a Writer First, Not an Instagram Blogger

So I deleted my main Instagram account. Again.

I am now posting on what would be my “Writer IG account” @DeborahKabwang

I know some of you are probably wondering, “Deb, another page?”

The truth is, I have always had this page for writing related stuff, but hardly posted. When I first started using IG actively on my other main account that is gone now, I realized that it was a great platform for writers/bloggers. There’s this great community for us here. It gave me exposure and a way to share what I love: Writing.

Then somewhere down the road, Instagram turned into the place where people shared “perfect pics” or showed off their purchases and travels or become influencers.

And everything changed. Bloggers also were sucked into that scheme. The constant sharing of every travel, adventure and so on. Or becoming an influencer, which I am not against by the way, to an extent.

I was so caught up and quite obsessed by keeping the perfect feed for my audience and growing my page. I am sure most IG Bloggers have found themselves, at one point in time, excited about going somewhere or doing something and already thinking in their mind of the PERFECT IG posts they’ll get to take.

I’m confused. What’s more exciting? the trip or the instagram worthy pics on that trip?

Caught up.

By then, I hardly posted anything WRITING related.

One day, I woke up and I was like, “Deb, what are you doing? Spending an eternity editing a picture when you could have read five chapters of a book by now? Or written 5 chapters? obsessing over followers you don’t even KNOW?”

What’s more important? Making it as an IG Blogger or real life Writer and Blogger?

I enjoy taking pretty squares but when pretty squares start to control you, where’s the enjoyment in all of this? I want my words to matter the most.



My fellow bloggers think I’m crazy. All those followers you worked for? Gone?!

What’s funny is deleting your page is not quite simple as deactivating it. They make you search for it.It’s like a 5 step thing. I’m not writing this to make bloggers feel bad. We all have different goals and limits.

For me, I was a writer first–not an Instagram blogger.

Speaking of which, I posted on my Instagram :

For the longest, all I’ve ever wanted to do was make a living as a writer, but as all writers know, the struggle is real and you gotta hustle until you make it! Lol.

I’ve been doing some serious thinking lately about life and what I really want for myself. I have done the full-time freelance writer path a few years ago but I wasn’t dedicated enough or hungry enough. I would much rather work as some sort of professional writer by day and fiction writer/blogger by night. Haha. Imagine finally getting paid to write full-time!

To my struggling writers out there, don’t give up and let me know what has or has not worked for you?


A struggling writer.