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Bijou Mwamba is a 22-year-old refugee from D.R. Congo who comes to the Texan home of Thomas and Bethany, a seemingly loving couple who are profoundly religious. They’ve helped refugees before and Bijou believes she is finally safe from the horrors she escaped from.

After meeting another refugee that Thomas and Bethany helped, Bijou must make a choice to continue ignoring the crimes of her “saviors” or take charge of her own life once and for all.

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Chasing Freedom takes the reader on a harrowing journey of the main character, Bijou Mwamba. After escaping the horrid and violent conditions of the Congo, Bijou makes her way to America in hopes of obtaining the liberties that the country is known for; unfortunately, her new hosts have different plans in mind. It is an eye opening tale of one woman’s fight to take back the power that’s been stolen from her. The author does a great job of bringing light to the issues facing the Democratic Republic of Congo, the struggle that refugees often face when forced to relocate to a different country for fear of their lives, and the unspoken terror that plagues the church. Well written and a must read!-Tamarria Denga, Author of SPRIT LAKE.


Wow! I wasn’t sure what to expect when starting this book (I tend to shy away from modern novels), but Deborah Kabwang attacks a brutal and moving subject with the grace and finesse of a true professional. As a composite novel, “Chasing Freedom” moves beautifully between time and place, creating links to character and plot development that will leave you saying, “What next?!” I finished the book in less than twenty-four hours (only stopping to sleep) and was clinging to hope for the main character Bijou and the final revelation that pieced the novel’s parts together until the very last chapter.
This book is an absolute must-read as it covers darkness and light, religion and apostasy, truth and lie, and will have you fighting for (and with) Bijou as she chases freedom from an unspeakable past into an unknown future. Kudos, Deborah! Absolutely fantastic!- Michael

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